You’ve had the rest, Now Try The Best!

Nash Barbeque has served Families, Customers, and Friends for 40 years.  The Journey began in 1982 in Hillsboro, AL, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nash.  One day while Mrs. Nash was barbequing on the front porch of their home, a family in the area smelled the food cooking and stopped by.  The gentlemen asked if Mrs. Nash would sell him some chickens, and she responded that the chickens were not for sale. She was cooking for the family.  After he said he had hungry children in the car, she sold him some.  When Mr. Nash returned home, she told him what had happened, and his wheels began to turn.


Mr. Nash constructed a large barbeque grill from a 250-gallon tank cut in half and welded together.  It was so heavy that he used one of his tractors to pull it to the front porch.  The grill had two lids and sat close to the ground.  It could hold about 20 chickens, depending on the size.  Once the grill was up and running, phone calls were made to potential customers asking if they would like to place an order.  


When the orders got too big for the front porch, Nash #1 was built next to the home.  Once completed, they expanded the menu to include ribs and pork sandwiches.  Using family recipes to perfect a unique hickory flavor, it was not long before word spread around town about Nash’s famous chicken and white sauce.  


Sharing the passion and love of the business, Mr. Nash’s son, Jerry “DD” Nash, would often help prepare food, especially during the holidays.  In 1999, that passion marked a new journey for Nash Barbeque when Jerry, following in his father’s footsteps, built Nash Barbeque # 2 in Decatur, AL.  With his father's blessing, he expanded the menu to include other items like fish, wings and stuffed baked potatoes.


In early 2004, when William Nash passed away, Jerry took on the responsibility of operating his family’s business and keeping the legacy alive.  Nash Barbeque now provides catering services including reunions, company picnics, wedding receptions, and church functions.


Today, Nash Barbeque continues to serve high-quality foods with flavors perfected from decades past.  With the help of Customers, Family, and Friends, the business has planted firm roots in the community.